Jiangsu Jingxin lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.: 21 years of professional experience in manufacturing Material Handling Equipment

We have been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality manual handling equipment for 21 years. Our products, including a wide range of manual pallet trucks, are designed to make material handling and storage efficient and safe.

1、 Complete product range

Jiangsu Jingxin lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. provides various types of manual handling vehicles to meet the needs of different customers. Whether in factories, warehouses, logistics centers, or other locations, we have suitable material handling equipment for you to choose from. Our product line includes standard manual/electric pallet trucks, manual/electric stackers, manual/electric lifting platforms, manual electric oil drum handling equipment, electric/internal combustion forklifts, and other warehousing material handling equipment.

2、 Excellent product quality

We are well aware of the importance of product quality to our customers. Therefore, we use high-quality materials and components, and undergo precision machining and strict quality control to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Our entire product line is characterized by durability, easy operation, flexibility, and convenience, which can help customers improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

3、 Professional customized services

Jiangsu Jingxin lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to customer centricity and provides professional customized services for customers. We can customize material handling equipment that meets the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We can provide professional solutions to meet the personalized needs of customers in terms of size, load-bearing capacity, special usage, materials, and other customization.

4、 Powerful after-sales service

We are well aware of the importance of after-sales service to our customers. Therefore, our colleagues who ensure product quality provide comprehensive after-sales service, including product consultation, installation and debugging, maintenance and repair services, etc. Our professional team will wholeheartedly provide you with timely and efficient after-sales service, ensuring that the material handling equipment you purchase is always in good working condition.

5、 21 years of professional experience

Jiangsu Jingxin lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. has a 21 year manufacturing history of material handling equipment and has accumulated rich professional experience. We rely on advanced production processes, strict quality management, and a professional R&D team to continuously promote innovation and development of handling/stacking trucks. Our products have been widely used in many well-known enterprises and institutions both domestically and internationally, and have received widespread praise and recognition.

In summary, Jiangsu Jingxin lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. provides the best solution for your intelligent warehouse management with 21 years of professional experience, a complete range of products, excellent product quality, professional customization services, and strong after-sales service. Choose us to make your warehousing smarter and more efficient!

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